Thursday, October 18, 2012


I have had a lot of fun creating family picture books using the website ARTSCOW.COM (thanks to my daughterinlaw Season!)

I know there are a lot of sites & stores that you can get your pictures put into a bound book format, however, I have found very reasonable (when you take advantage of their often offered discounts &/or free shipping).  The quality is also the best.

It has become, for me another method of preserving the tons of pictures that I acquire - I love capturing shots while Skyping with family, especially the g-kids!

I always order 2 of the finished book, one for me and one for them.

I feel strongly about preserving one's life in many forms, and as I feel like my children grew up with a strong sense of self and who they were, and where they fit in our family and in this life, I am convinced that this is a vehicle that provides that.

Here is a sampling of a few books I've made at this website.

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  1. We love them! Thanks for your good example of doing life history!